Plumbing is a basic step in the construction of every house. People look at different things when buying a house, and some will only be looking at the plumbing system. You can have all things done right, but the plumbing systems fail you a big deal. It is therefore important to hire the right plumber for your plumbing needs either in a new house or repairs. This article will give you tips on how to choose the best plumber.

Certification and qualification

sink, plumberEspecially if it is a new house, where the plumbing will be done from scratch, only choose certified and qualified plumbers. You cannot afford shoddy work here. Ask them to present their certificates of qualification from known plumbing schools. Qualification means that they have undergone all basic training, taken all the tests provided by the school and passed. You can call the school to confirm if the individual indeed went through their program, you never know, there are many fake certificates out there.


After leaving school, did they just sit or have they been working? Experience is the best teacher, especially for practical jobs. And again the more experience, the more expertise and skill one learns. Only choose a plumber who has been working either by themselves or under a plumbing company for more than two years.


If indeed a plumber has been working then they must have references. These are people they have worked for before. A good plumber will be more than willing to give you contacts of their previous clients. If they seem hesitant to give you their contacts, something must be wrong. We call those red signs. Call one or two references and ask them the truth about the specific plumber. If they recommend them, you are good to go.


plumbing fixturesThis is a major factor in the purchase of goods and services. It is important to note that you will always get what you pay for. And again, you must always get value for your money. If you paid more expecting quality work and quality fittings, you must get that. We cannot all be the same regarding financial muscle. But the bottom line should be you must always get value for your money in your level. On the same note of pricing, ask the plumber to give you a quote before the job starts. The quote must contain all that which will be needed during the operation to avoid surprises at the end of the day.…